Devops & Cloud

Optimize your cloud strategy and future deployment best practices. The global economy is being reinvented around software. We help you industrialize the entire software manufacturing: build, deploy and run chain automatization by adopting cloud standards.

  • 01 — Deployment pipeline
  • 02 — Cloud, IaaS, PaaS
  • 03 — Containerisation and orchestration
  • 04 — Release management
  • 05 — Stockage

Deployment pipeline

D e p l o y

m e n t

P i p e

l i n e

Tool and automate all the steps of the development till the production phase while respecting all quality requirements: testing, deployment and continuous improvement. Our procedure allows a code change by a developer to be ultimately deployed in production within the expected quality level.

Cloud, IaaS, PaaS

C l o u d

I a a S

P a a S

Define your cloud strategy, trajectory and deploy it. We offer you our technical and methodological expertise to set up and operate your IaaS (as a private or public cloud) and PaaS with associated tools.

Containerisation and orchestration

C o n t a i n e r

i s a t i o n

a n d o r c h e

s t r a t i o n

Implement containerization technology to take full advantage of it for all phases of your project: Build, Deploy, RUN and OPERATE. Our teams help you set up technologies for pooling physical infrastructure and orchestrating containers, a fundamental building block of any PaaS.

Release management

R e l e a s e

M a n a g e

m e n t

Define and set up your strategy for planning, monitoring processes, and regular deployment techniques for digital products. Thus, we guarantee you a continuous deployment of your digital products while respecting your quality requirements.


S t o c k

a g e

Define and deploy your data governance to optimize performance and associated costs. We help you choose and implement the appropriate storage solution according to the nature of your data and its treatments; secure your data through authentication and encryption solutions; and preserve this data, by adopting replication and backup strategies in line with your operational constraints.