Business & Strategy IT

Design your digital business. Plan your transformation. We blend design, strategy and IT skills to help you define your IT targets and the way to reach them. All hand-in-hand with your business team. With you, we create digital products and services, rethink processes and successfully effect organizational change.

  • 01 — IT Urbanization
  • 02 — Technological Roadmap
  • 03 — App strategy
  • 04 — IT Department Organization
  • 05 — UX Design

IT Urbanization


U r b a n

i z a t i o n

Continuously transform the IT to release your velocity and allow the implementation of modern architectures. Our teams are involved in defining the target vision of your IT by taking into account your legacy and draw the path to achieve your goals.

Technological Roadmap

T e c h n o

l o g i c a l

r o a d m a p

Recommend and prioritize the investments for your IT that will capture new technological opportunities in your business environment and your business context. Thus, you will have a clear vision how to put your IS at the state of the art and ensure its rapid evolution over time.

App strategy

A p p

s t r a t

e g y

Explore a new way to invent the future and build your application or service roadmap. Your applications and services, for your clients or your employees, are today at the heart of your activity. In order to guarantee the coherence of their evolutions, we accompany you in the experimentation of new methods, technical concepts and design in order to build an effective vision and roadmap.

IT Department Organization


D e p a r t

m e n t

O r g a n i z

a t i o n

Decipher and implement new organizational models to promote and restore your IT to its central place in the core business. Understand, test and adapt to the company's existing culture, new models of organization and collaboration around the manufacturing of applications. We accompany your IT department to the central role that it must play within the company, that of a Business Partner. Scale your agile and business-oriented teams to impact your core business in depth.

UX Design


D e s i g n

Build digital paths by putting users in the center of reflections while integrating technical constraints to define an implementation trajectory. For us, the design phases upstream of development are essential in order to guarantee the fluidity of the overall user experience.