Strategic Vision

The company's responsibility and its ability to give meaning are at the heart of its stakeholders' commitment and its winning strategy. This is why we help you to develop a strong strategic vision, to communicate it and to enhance it both within the organization and outside.

  • 01 — “Future of..." Workshops
  • 02 — Vision & Roadmap
  • 03 — Equity Story & KPI
  • 04 — Engagement Programs

“Future of..." Workshops

F u t u r e

o f . . . "

W o r k

s h o p s

Foresight workshops to get inspired and imagine the future of your sector / company / profession.

Vision & Roadmap

V i s i o n &

R o a d m a p

Co-construction with all stakeholders of a clear vision and an action plan to implement it.

Equity Story & KPI

E q u i t y

S t o r y

& K P I

Cultivate magnetism and trust through a properly articulated vision: an impactful story, new performance indicators, that are more innovative and in line with your transformation goals and new value creation mechanisms.

Engagement Programs

E n g a g e

m e n t

P r o g r a m s

Tailor-made programs to engage stakeholders (employees, investors, partners) and help them take ownership of the vision at each level of the organization.


Axelle Ricourt Dumas
Corporate Strategy, Value & Insights expert

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