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New economy, new KPIs: the customer era



By creating some disruption in value chains and favouring the emergence of new models, the digital revolution has induced deep changes in the way value is created and shared. It is more and more decorrelated from short term financial performance. That should push organizations and investors to review their monitoring and valuation of innovative projects, as well as pay attention to the value of some intangible assets, such as customer capital, talent capital, ecosystem, software or societal and environmental impact.

Customer centricity was at the heart of the digital revolution, which explains why among these assets, customer capital is the easiest to value by investors. By contrast, if players other than digital natives have initiated a deep transformation of their model, they have not yet adapted their reporting styles, even though this would enable them to better allocate resources and value the customer acquisition strategy.

This study will drive you along the path towards a new reporting approach. Additionally, it will help you to harness your organization's potential, which we've identified at both the internal and external levels, while focusing on stakeholder engagement and value creation levers.

This study comes jointly with an index dedicated to test one’s maturity regarding customer capital (how should this approach be integrated, how customer-centric is one’s reporting, how to use it).

This study is the first chapter of the "New KPIs" series, which revolves on the belief that the new economy demands a review of approaches and methods to value the innovation.

Study plan

  1. Introduction: the digital revolution is a value revolution.
  2. The customer era.
  3. How to assess & improve customer value.
  4. Where do companies stand today? Main trends & reporting practices.
  5. And for you? The path to customer KPI reporting.

Study excerpt

Discover how mature are you regarding customer capital

Customer KPIs Index


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