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Chasing Europe’s digital future: a post-2020 playbook



The global hyper-growth of the GAFA and their actual business footprint in EU places our regulatory institutions in a difficult challenge: how to create a new fair and even EU business playing field, allowing our EU industrial leaders and startups to compete fairly against state sized digital giants, while respecting our core EU values and diversity.

With the support of Vivendi and its subsidiaries, Fabernovel has dived into the European digital ecosystem in order to understand the power, the size and the strategies of the Tech Giants. We’ve came back from this exploration with insights, observations, dilemma and models rooted in operation, and, more importantly, a framework useful for both analysis and decision for regulators and strategists. At a time where EU market needs more than ever a new playbook, this framework allows us to challenge and explore digital alternatives to the benefit of European consumers.


Study plan

  1. GAFA firms: a European issue.
  2. The 5 winning strategies matrix to understand GAFA firms.
  3. Our ideas to build the EU’s digital future.

Study excerpt


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